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Greeting Cards from A Grandmother of Reinvention

Meet Sue Kupcinet. Actually one of these ladies is one of Sue's distant yenta-relatives. Sue is a Grandmother of Reinvention who went from being a teacher, to restaurant critic, to author to Yentapreneur. All while raising a daughter who has proven to be an entrepreneurial sex-cess of her own....more on her later. Sue and her partner, Riva Scher are the creative geniuses behind Yenta Sentiments, an irreverent Greeting Card line that will crack up anyone with a sense of humor and a loose grasp of the Yiddish language. All you need to know are the words Oy Vey and you're pretty much set! Sue and Riva came up with the concept for Yenta Sentiments after going to dinner one night and walking past a tattoo parlor that they thought read "Yenta Tattoos." While their eyesight may have been failing, their creative juices started flowing and the two women came up with great ideas for innovative Yenta tattoo slogans. Since not many yentas can bear the pain of being tattooed...don't even get me started on childbirth...the women transformed their concept into greeting cards. With lots of mazel (good fortune), their clever idea has taken off. Yenta Sentiments has been in business for four years and is available in stores in Chicago and Los Angeles. The cards are also available on their website at Check out their site next week as the Yentapreneurs kick off their latest line of greeting cards. Meanwhile, Sue's daughter, a mother of three with a fourth on the way, runs a successful business of her own in Chicago called Boutique G - a high end lingerie and sex shop. "Who knew she'd know so much about sex," quips Sue. Now if that isn't an Oy Vey moment, I don't know what is!

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