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Meet Stacey Smith and Linda Shapiro, co-founders of Moms-For-Profit, a company and website on the rise that enables moms who have decided to take time off from their careers to raise their families, the chance to stay in the game and pursue their passion! Stacey, a mom of two, and her partner, Linda, also a mom with two boys, both worked together in marketing at CMP Media before they decided to embark on a brand new career where they could strike a balance between work and family. What initially started out as a concept for a stationery business, evolved into a networking website for moms looking for an outlet that would promote their products and services to a broader community. Moms-for-Profit offers women the chance to join an amazing network where they can find opportunities to keep one foot in the workforce while the other one can be playing the hokey pokey at Mommy and Me class. From clothing designers to web masters (I need that person's number), Moms-for-Profit is an all-in-one recruiting firm and sales site for moms looking to turn their passion into profit. While Moms-for-Profit has only been in business for one year, the website has approximately 100,000 visitors per month. They are also now working with major corporations to offer freelance opportunities to members of their talented resource pool. Coming soon to the moms-for-profit site will be an online store where anyone can purchase amazing products created by today's enterprising mothers. Check out Moms-For Profit for more information or to join today!

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