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Sabrina Weill was at the top of her game when she decided to dive off the ladder and embark on a new journey. Sabrina, who has over 14 years experience in the magazine industry, was among the top editorial staffers at Redbook and Scholastic, was the founding executive editor of CosmoGirl, and was the editor-in-chief at Seventeen. But as she reached the pinnacle of success, Sabrina faced a crossroads in her career.

After landing the top spot as Seventeen's Editor-in-Chief, Sabrina learned the magazine was being taken over by another publishing company just as she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Instinctually, she knew that overseeing the teen magazine during a takeover would not lend itself well to juggling diapers and deadlines. While contemplating whether to stay the course or move on, Sabrina landed a book deal and so, left the corner office behind for the chance to switch gears and be home with her growing family. When her book, The Real Truth About Teens and Sex, was released a year later, Sabrina returned to Seventeen as Special Projects Director all while formulating a plan to take her career in a new direction. "I wanted to do my own thing - create my own projects and watch them grow just like my kids," she recalls.

In the past year, Sabrina has turned this vision into reality by taking her magazine expertise and applying it full force to the worldwide web - creating Weill Media, which specializes in creating websites geared toward mega niche audiences. The first site the company has launched since emabarking on this venture is Project Angel Mom - a destination where you will encounter stories of families across the country who are in need of assistance due to a personal tragedy or financial setback that has affected their lives. is a way to turn “the news” into good news. "In many of my jobs I saw and sometimes reported stories about families battling against difficult odds, and though I knew telling their story was helpful, I always wondered if there was more I could do," she says.

"Then a few months ago, I saw a news show about parents who put their children through college by recycling over 8 million cans, I hurried to my computer, checkbook open…. but I couldn’t figure out how to send the family a check. When I mentioned the show I’d seen to a friend, she told me she’d done the exact same thing.
It made me think about all the other news stories that have inspired me to turn my wallet inside out…And so the idea for was born, to connect moms-in-deed directly with families-in-need. Because behind headlines like “Woman Suffers From…” or “One Family’s Tragic Story…” are real people who need their own little (sometimes big) miracle."

Each day, ProjectAngelMom profiles a person, family, school or community in need and then partners with newspapers, television programs, wire services and magazines in sharing the story - providing a link that connects the reader directly to where they can send a donation.

Since its launch in November, the response to ProjectAngelMom has been overwhelmingly positive with the Associated Press publishing one of the first profiles featured on the site. The donations have already started pouring in and Sabrina says in the coming months, she will be providing visitors with updates into the lives of the people who have been helped by ProjectAngelMom.

For Sabrina Weill, ProjectAngelMom has given her a fresh perspective on what's really important in life by helping those who need it the most. Best of all, she gets to pursue her new passion on her own terms as a hands-on mom and entrepreneur. For more information about ProjectAngelMom, Click Here or visit Weill Media to learn more about Sabrina's enterprising company.

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