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Rachael Herrscher and Stephanie Peterson are two enterprising moms who, after leaving the workforce to raise their kids, devised a concept that took off like wildfire in Salt Lake City, Utah and is now sweeping the nation. It all started back in 2004, when Rachael and Stephanie were searching for a Mom-n-Tot swim class. The pair wished they had a central resource for all the tidbits only mamas seem to know—and the idea for TodaysMama was born. First a local handbook—and now an expanding, national franchise—TodaysMama strives to simplify motherhood by making parenting resources accessible and easy to use. TodaysMama aims to empower women and mothers by: Helping women feel resourceful, excited about, and involved in educating and enriching their children, offering business opportunities to women who want to supplement their income, and supporting and motivating women who own businesses by providing marketplace opportunities at minimal cost. TodaysMama Handbooks have already expanded to Seattle, Arizona, Houston and Southern Nevada with more cities on the way. The TodaysMama website, which recently launched this spring, features "Expand Your Perspective" - a section where mom columnists offer heartfelt advice, useful tips and recount humorous stories from their busy lives (Role Mommy is a proud contributor); as well as a shopping section featuring products created by and sold by enterprising moms; favorite songs (Mama's Mix); and coming soon...TodaysMama Magazine. There's even a section called "Dream Big," where moms can share their personal stories of how they followed their passion while raising their family. On the homefront, Rachael is the proud Mama of toddlers Josh and Addie, while Stephanie stays grounded caring for Logan and Lincoln. Neither believes in the concept of "super-mom," but their shared philosophy of "It is possible!" forms the foundation of TodaysMama products and services. Between Rachael, a strategic marketing guru and Stephanie, a nine time marathon competitor, TodaysMama is already on its way to becoming a huge success with moms across the country. Click Here to check out TodaysMama.


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