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Manhattan mom Lyss Stern is passionate about two things - her family and her committment to bringing out the inner diva of today's busy moms. Lyss is founder and CEO of Divalysscious Moms, a company that produces high-end events for moms and their families in New York City. From FAO Schwartz to Dylan's Candy Bar to Bloomingdales to Madison Avenue, Lyss is always on the lookout for innovative ways to help moms find rejuvenation while entertaining their kids in the process.

Lyss says she came up with the concept for Divalysscious Moms three years ago after giving birth to her son Jackson. After feeling completely overwhelmed at the prospect of new motherhood, Lyss says she was incredibly depressed after putting on a tremendous amount of weight and did not have any time to take care of herself. She knew that somehow, she had to take action. It started out small - a gym workout here, a manicure there, and suddenly, the wheels started turning. What if she were able to create a company that offered moms the opportunity to be pampered while their kids enjoyed themselves too? From there, Divalysscious Moms was born.

Lyss says she plans approximately 3-4 events per month that are usually built around a monthly theme. For October, there are several Halloween offerings from family disco to costume parties to a candy extravaganza at Dylan's. Offering blockbuster events with sponsors like Cookie Magazine, Lexus, Broadway Babies and Bloomingdales, among many others, Lyss has also created shopping extravaganzas with free babysitting services, a block party on Madison Avenue, plus a private holiday gift party at FAO Schwartz sponsored by Cookie Magazine.

With over 7500 moms on the Divalysscious Moms mailing list, the company has just branched out to Long Island and will start producing events in time for Halloween. Also on the way is a high end jewelry line for kids and moms that are sure to catch on like wildfire.

Divalysscious Moms has also played an active role in raising money and awareness for important causes affecting families. When singer Dan Zanes performed a special concert at a Divalysscious Moms event, they were able to raise $10,000 on behalf of the Tsunami Relief Effort. Divalysscious Moms on Madison event this summer also raised funds for Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization founded by Jessica Seinfeld which focuses on collecting gently used and new baby gear and clothing for infants and toddlers.

Over the next few years, Lyss plans to roll out her brand of high end Diva-tainment to moms in major cities across the country. "Every mom deserves to be a Divalysscious Mom," she says. And with Lyss Stern leading the charge, we can all get the chance to be pampered for a change!

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Even before she became a mother, Keri Glassman decided to pursue a career as a nutritionist because she knew the profession would lend itself well to raising a family.

After initially working for a successful online nutrition company, Keri decided to strike out on her own and open a private practice.
As she built up her client base, Keri realized that the most difficult part to watching your weight was having the right snack choices. While there were tons of nutritional bars on the market to carb cravings, Keri says she never came across a snack bar that she truly loved. And so, she took matters into her own hands.

With the help of her sister-in-law, who opened up her kitchen and flexed her baking muscles, Keri created the KeriBar - the ultimate snack that not only tasted great, but helped promote weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet. As her bars began tantalizing the tastebuds of her clients, this enterprising entrepreneur set out on a course to transform her creation into a nationwide success.

While her sister-in-law did a valiant job whipping up the first batch of KeriBars, Keri moved into the next phase of her business by working with a food scientist who tweaked the recipe and created more flavors to broaden the selection - providing the bars with nutrients that help keep you full so you can make better eating decisions at your next meal. With three delicious KeriBars, she was ready to sell her snack bar to consumers. Keri then partnered with her brother, who runs a major New York based marketing company that developed the website for KeriBar, logos and packaging, and together, they hit the ground running.

Since February 2006, over 200,000 KeriBars have been sold in a host of stores including Mrs. Greens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Liz Lange, Energy Kitchen, Exhale, major airports and several health food stores throughout New York. And, after taking part in her first trade show, Keri recently partnered with a distributor that will be taking KeriBar nationwide. Plus, in the next two months, there will be a new delicious product available especially for families - KeriBar for kids!

As if a snack bar company and her private practice weren't enough, in Spring 2007, Crown Books will be releasing Keri's first book, The Snack Factor Diet - which offers Keri's tried and true advice on how snacks can help promote weight loss. Plus, Keri is frequently called upon by major media outlets to offer advice on healthy eating habits for families.

In the meantime, Keri, who continues to oversee a thriving nutrition practice, is the mom of two beautiful children, ages three and a half and seven weeks old! While these days, she oftentimes finds herself responding to emails while nursing daughter Maizy and entertaining her son Rex, she says that she's having the time of her life pursuing her passion while being a mom. For Keri Glassman, great health and happiness is truly a family affair.

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If passion were a sport, then Christie Mellor can write the playbook. This actress, author, and artist proves that you can raise a family and do what you love and maybe even profit from your life experience. I first came across this talented writer when I picked up a copy of THE THREE-MARTINI PLAYDATE - an irreverent look at the way kids should be raised today. I still remember some of the hilarious scenarios Christie painted for her readers in which she offered up great suggestions on how to get your kids to do more work around the house. Christie's laugh out loud book, is one of the highest ranked parenting books on Amazon and she says, it's not because she had a huge promotional campaign behind her, the success of her book was spread by word of mouth.

Even more inspiring was the way Christie managed to land a publishing deal without the help of an agent. Christie says after sending her manuscript to a friend who worked at Chronicle Books, he offered to put it on the desk of one of the editors there. As fate and good taste would have it, the editor instantly took a liking to Christie's writing and offered her a book deal. From there, THE THREE-MARTINI PLAYDATE was born and Christie, became a first-time author. Following the success of the book, Christie decided to pitch a few ideas that showcased her talents as an illustrator, but unfortunately, they weren't received as strongly as her first. And so, she set out on a search for the perfect literary agent who would share her passion for both writing and illustration - incidentally, Christie illustrates all of her books.

After several meetings, Christie finally did find an amazing agent who not only sewed up a second book deal with Chronicle for Christie's sequel to The Three-Martini Playdate, aptly titled, Three-Martini Vacation, but she also sold her two additional book pitches - one a non-fiction guide for twentysomethings and another, an illustrated book for adults, to powerhouse publishing house Harper Collins.

If you thought becoming a best-selling author and mom were enough to keep things interesting for Christie, well think again. Before she began typing away on her first manuscript, Christie pursued a career as an actress. Today, she can be seen in dozens of commercials and heard on the airwaves through her voiceover work. Christie says her roles these days are not much of a stretch - she usually plays the foolish mom who bought a really bad cleaning product; the ticket taker in an American Airlines commercial; or the memorable role of a mom driving a minivan - hmmm...I think we can all relate to that one!

In her down if she has any - Christie is mom to two sons, ages 14 and 9, who obviously have provided her with plenty of fodder for her entertaining books. THREE-MARTINI VACATION will be released by Chronicle Books in Spring 2007. In the meantime, if you haven't read The Three-Martini Playdate yet, then CLICK HERE so you can make a purchase you'll be raving about for years to come! To find out more about Christie Mellor, visit her website at




Arianna Huffington personifies the spirit of reinvention. Named in 2006 by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world, this syndicated journalist, best-selling author, radio host, Internet entrepreneur and editor of the online commentary blog the Huffington Post, truly exemplifies what it takes to not only pursue your passion, but how you can strive to be a great mother too.

Arianna says that even in her 20’s while living in London and pursuing a career in journalism, she always wanted to be a mother. She says that while she longed to start a family, the man she had fallen head over heels for wasn’t quite ready to settle down. And so, after deciding to end her eight-year relationship, she moved to the United States where she eventually met and married millionaire Michael Huffington.

When she finally became pregnant for the first time, Arianna was devastated when she miscarried her first child while she was five months pregnant. Despite this tragic loss, Arianna persevered and two years later, she finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl. As she held her baby in her arms, Arianna says, “Everything was put into perspective. Becoming a mother gave me constant sense of gratitude that filled my life with peace.”

Being a writer also made it easier for Arianna to be a hands-on mom. While her children were young, she says she worked from home. “I was able to be with my baby whenever she needed me,” she recalls.

When her 10-year marriage ended in 1997, Arianna turned to her family who provided her with the support she needed as she raised her two young daughters. With her traditional Greek upbringing, Arianna says that despite her divorce, her children always felt the love and security of her close-knit family. “I was really very blessed having my mother live with us. I had a little tribe – my mother and my sister – who helped me as my children were growing up,” she says. Arianna attributes her drive and passion to her mother, who never worked but fervently supported her daughter’s determination to pursue a career. “She always encouraged me to reach for the stars. She was always there for me whether I succeeded or failed,” she says.

As her children grew, Arianna’s career continued to skyrocket. After participating in Comedy Central’s coverage of the 1996 presidential election along with liberal comedian Al Franken, Arianna, who was a Republican, decided to switch political parties at the end of 1996. While juggling single motherhood, Arianna continued writing and providing expert commentary on network and cable television news shows and in 2003, even took a stab at running for Governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arianna Huffington is truly a woman who is unafraid of anything or anyone. Which leads us to her latest achievement, her best-selling book, On Becoming Fearless.

Arianna is currently on a cross-country tour to promote On Becoming Fearless - a book that shares inspiring stories and advice from well-known women who have confronted their fears head-on in every aspect of their lives. “Fearlessness is contagious,” says Arianna, who has traveled to a host of cities, meeting scores of people who have become motivated to face their fears and pursue their individual passions.

When it comes to the topic of working motherhood, Arianna says that working mothers tend to face fear that is bundled with guilt. “Working mothers have a special challenge because they are always pulled a lot. Once they take the baby out, they put the guilt in,” she remarks. She adds that working mothers--herself included--always feel like they’re not doing enough. “I remember the time I missed one back to school night and I felt so guilty about it,” she recalls. But at the end of the day, Arianna says, “There are many ways to mother and combine work and motherhood. Work is a fulfillment of ourselves.”

Now that her daughters are 15 and 17, Arianna says her girls are pretty busy leading their own fearless lives in high school. Her youngest daughter is currently on the debating team, while her oldest is managing editor of the school newspaper and completed an internship this summer at Vanity Fair magazine. While she would love to bring her daughters along on her book tour, she says that nowadays, they choose to accompany her on their own terms. In fact, Arianna jokes that for her last birthday, they even presented her with a coupon book – which gave her the opportunity to use a coupon to take them to an individual screening or a book signing.

These days, Arianna continues to share her political views and stories of fearlessness on her wildly successful blog – The Huffington Post. The site, which launched in 2005, is one of the most visited blogs on the Internet – featuring news, editorials and commentary from well-known writers, celebrities and bloggers from around the globe. In fact, Role Mommy is even blogging for the Huffington Post, featuring profiles of our amazing Moms of Reinvention.

“My passion is really driven by what I love - whether it’s the Huffington Post, my new book or being a mother,” says Arianna, who believes that mothers should each accept our own uniqueness and not judge one another if we decide to work while raising a family or stay at home full-time. “In the end, we should all honor what is true to us and what in our life gives us the most joy.”

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Following its highly successful ROLE MOMMY: I NEED A PLAYDATE lecture series, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan is pleased to announce a brand new Role Mommy session this fall. On Thursday, November 16, Role Mommy will feature Mothers of Reinvention - women who have reinvented their careers to strike a balance in their lives. The event will be moderated by WCBS-TV reporter Cindy Hsu, who also hosts "Family First," a regular series featuring advice for parents. The event will be hosted by Role Mommy founders, Yvette Manessis Corporon and Beth Feldman.

Role Mommy: Mothers of Reinvention will take place on Thursday, November 16 (6:00-8:00 pm). Panelists include: singer and actress Kassie DePaiva, star of the ABC daytime drama “One Life to Live”; Jeanne Fitzmaurice, former hotel industry executive who founded Design-Her Gals, an online custom stationery website with over 100,000 subscribers that was recently selected by Oprah Magazine’s popular “O List” and author Terry Martin Hekker, a former homemaker who completely changed her outlook on working motherhood after being served with divorce papers after 40 years of marriage. Hekker’s cautionary tale about giving up your career while raising a family and her late in life reinvention, received national attention after her editorial was published this year in the Sunday New York Times. Hekker’s daughter, Annie, currently vice president of marketing for the Fox Television Network, will also be featured at the event. In addition, Jennie Baird, executive director for AOL coaches will appear as an expert panelist.

Previous Role Mommy events at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan have included a variety of inspirational women who shared their personal experiences and insight into how they have managed to succeed at home and on the job. Panelists included: Pilar Guzman, editor-in-chief of the new parenting magazine Cookie, Dorothy Weber, entertainment attorney, daytime actress Martha Byrne, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran; Lisa Caputo, President of Women & Co., a division of Citigroup and Cindy Hsu, WCBS-TV news and parenting reporter.

The Role Mommy Mothers of Reinvention event will include complimentary cocktails, gift bags and amazing giveaway items at the end of the session provided by Swiffer, TeePeeForMe, Arbonne International, Pevonia Bontanica and Confetti Kidz among others. Complimentary issues of Parenting Magazine and Westchester Parent Magazine will also be provided.

Ask any working mother if she is a role model and she will first laugh in your face then look at you as if you were absolutely insane. No working mother will ever say that she is a role model. How could she be? Between the job, the kids, the house and the husband...she’s barely keeping it together, let alone helping anyone else with their problems. But the truth is, she is. Every working mother is a role model for other working mothers. She’s an inspiration, a source of advice, a springboard for ideas, a confidante to laugh with and a reality check to remind us that we are certainly not alone. The Role Mommy mantra is quite simple: A Role Mommy knows that helping our children realize their hopes and dreams doesn’t mean we have to give up on our own.

Role Mommy founders Yvette Corporon and Beth Feldman will be releasing their first book: Role Mommy: Peeing in Peace…Tales & Tips for Type A Moms” in the spring of 2007 by NK Publications. They have also contributed parenting segments to the WB11 morning news and have appeared on the WCBS-TV noon news.

In addition, their website
ROLE MOMMY has become an online coffee klatch for mothers who share great stories about how they are surviving and succeeding at home and on the job. By day, Emmy-winning television producer Yvette Corporon is currently an entertainment producer for the hit syndicated television show “Extra” and Beth Feldman is Vice President of the CBS Communications Group where she spearheads publicity campaigns for several divisions of the company.

CMOM presents a full range of events, activities, exhibits and special performances that are sure to delight children of all ages. For details on all of CMOM’s programs, visitors should go to or call 212.721.1223.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is committed to meeting important needs that children and families face. Through interactive exhibitions and programs that reach deep into the community, the Museum serves New Yorkers from all backgrounds.

Founded in 1973, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) is New York City’s leading cultural institution dedicated solely to the family audience. CMOM inspires children and their families to learn about themselves and a culturally diverse world through unique interactive exhibitions and programs.

CMOM is a private, not-for-profit institution located in the Tisch Building at 212 West 83rd Street between Broadway and Amsterdam on Manhattan's kid-friendly Upper West Side.

If you are interested in attending our ROLE MOMMY MOTHERS OF REINVENTION event, please send us an email at Spaces fill up pretty quickly so email us now and reserve your seat today!

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