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Meet Melina Bellows, an amazing woman who has managed to juggle a demanding day job as Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Kids Magazine along with her passion for writing. All while keeping up with her two young children. Melina, who previously was Senior Editor at Ladies' Home Journal, took over National Geographic Kids a few years ago, relaunching and redesigning the publication and increasing circulation from 700,000 to 1.3 million. Today, National Geographic Kids is the fourth fastest-growing publication in the country! If you think holding down a demanding job is enough for one person, then think again. Melina is also an accomplished author, having published The Fun Book series - The Fun Book, The Fun Book for Couples and coming soon is the perfect gift for busy mothers...The Fun Book for Moms! Melina's first novel Wish, which was released last year, is a book about a Hollywood reporter who spends 15 years interviewing A-List celebrities - posing her favorite question to everyone from Oprah to Sally Field - "Got any love advice for me?" This busy Role Mommy, who lives with her husband and children in Washington D.C., has also managed to do one of the most difficult things a new mother faces after giving birth...take off the baby weight! Having gained 80 pounds from both her pregnancies, Melina has been determined to shed all that excess weight and works out almost every day! So far, she's shed 72 pounds and only has eight more to go! This Mom of Reinvention is truly an inspiration - taking care of her family, her day job, her passion and herself all at the same time! To visit Melina's website and purchase her books, click here.


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