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Meet one of the most influential moms on the internet, Mindy Roberts, creator of THE MOMMY BLOG, an irreverant site on the worldwide web that gives visitors a birdseye view of her rollercoaster life. Mindy is a transplanted Chicagoan living in the Bay Area with her three children who are eight, six and four and a half. She rode out the rise and fall of the Silicon Valley high-tech industry, recently ended a 12 year marriage and is now on the lookout for a new job - the perfect combination for a book, TV or movie treatment! The Mommy Blog, launched in 2002, started out as an online journal that documented the near-death of Mindy's second child and evolved over the years into a hilarious diatribe centering on her chaotic life. In fact, The Mommy Blog has become so popular, attracting nearly 20,000 visitors per month, that magazines from Redbook to Parenting have picked it as one of their favorite destinations to visit on the web. Corporate America has even taken notice of The Mommy Blog. The site has become a prime destination for major corporations that have placed advertisements on The Mommy Blog to attract female consumers. Mindy has also been called upon to consult with Fortune 500 companies, offering her insights on what moms want most out of the products they buy. Mindy is currently putting the finishing touches on a can't put down memoir about her life, titled MOMMY CONFIDENTIAL - Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood. Mindy's book, along with ROAD LETTERS, a memoir written by Phil Ribaudo, a chef, writer, teacher, photographer and the man Mindy fell in love with after putting her life back together, will be available for purchase in the coming months...we'll keep you posted as soon as it's released so you can place your order! Click Here to visit the Mommy Blog or to place an ad on her site, visit Mindy's advertising representatives at Federated Media. If you'd like to order Mommy Confidential or Road Letters, just click on the book titles and enjoy the read!


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