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Three chicks and a lot of margaritas.

That’s how Julie Rice describes what it took to help her make the transformation from Hollywood heavyweight to her new role as co-owner of Manhattan’s latest fitness phenomenon, Soul Cycle.

In her twenties, Julie had what most would consider to be the proverbial dream job, as a high powered talent manager she worked with the biggest celebs in the business.

But as is so often the case, in her thirties, the glamorous parties and premiers Julie once viewed as perks – were eventually becoming more and more of a pain. The same industry events that once kept her career thriving were now keeping her from having dinner with her husband.

Julie wanted a change.

Enter into the picture – Julie’s beautiful baby daughter, Phoebe. Those same industry events were now not only keeping Julie from dinner, they were messing with the new mom’s baby bonding.

Like many of us, Julie didn’t want or need to be with her baby 24 hours a day – but she did want to be there, on her terms. She wanted to be a part of her daughter’s life and even know what Phoebe had for lunch. Something she just didn’t se happening on the Hollywood fast track.

What’s a girl to do? Why reinvent yourself, of course.

Always a fitness fanatic, Julie followed her passion which led her to two women who share the same fitness philosophy.

The three women joined forces and over many of those infamous margaritas, their new Upper West Side spinning studio, SOUL CYCLE was born.

It’s only fitting that the studio wall be adorned with a picture of a long road – a metaphor for the mind body journey you experience with every class – and for the even longer journey every mother faces as she tries to find her way down the long and windy parental path.

Julie credits having a child with making her brave enough to take the leap of faith and start her new life. Now, instead of long hours helping others achieve their career goals, Julie is following her own dream. It’s a dream that led her to a career she loves while also allowing for midday trips to the Park and bedtime stories with Phoebe.

There is no doubt, Julie Rice sets the gold standard for Mothers of Reinvention. She’s managed to reinvent not only her own career and lifestyle, but with her contagious smile, endless energy and life changing approach to fitness, everyone else but in her wake as well….hey, she might even help you lose a few pounds! Click Here to visit Soul Cycle.


At 12:07 AM, Blogger Kelly Corrigan said...

This is a great blog. I am a writer and have been working on a magazine article about women who reinvent themselves. I too am a reinventor, going from a housewife to a cancer patient to a non profit founder ( Thanks for the great leads. Would love to talk to whomever is behind this blog about the renivention piece I am working on.
Thanks, Kelly Corrigan (

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Role Mommy said...

Hi there Kelly -
Thanks so much.
I'd love to speak with you. You can contact me at

Yvette Corporon
Role Mommy Co-Founder


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