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Former Pastry Chef Parlays Flare for Food Fare as
Atlanta Journal Constitution's Dining Critic

Meridith Ford truly embodies the spirit of reinvention. Prior to becoming a mom, this multi-talented woman pursued her passion for theater as an actress. She then decided to follow her love of baking by studying as a pastry chef at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. While she thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating delectable desserts, she also realized that once she became a mother, the demands of the job could be taxing on her family life. As a result, she decided to teach at the culinary school where she trained.

Meridith taught for several years until she became pregnant and then took a break from her teaching schedule to spend time with her daughter and says she cherished every moment of it. While she taught part-time during her daughter's toddler years, Meridith also began to pursue a new passion...writing. Before long, Meridith became the official Dining Critic for the Providence Journal where she spent five years before relocating to Atlanta with her husband and daughter.

Since moving to Atlanta, Meridith is now a single mom and Dining Critic for the Atlanta Journal Constitution where she has carved out a flexible work schedule that enables her to spend time with her nine-year-old, hit the gym, review restaurants and clean the house from time to time.

Plus, Meridith still parlays her talents as a star pastry chef by volunteering at her daughter's school and has created some memorable cakes, cookies and of course, cupcakes that has left kids and parents clamoring for seconds!

Meridith admits that she used to be an "all or nothing person" but now says, "having a child really changes everything." She now realizes it's okay "not to clean the bathroom every single day - there's always tomorrow." Sometimes things will slip through the cracks, but as long as she's keeping up with her daughter and the latest restaurants to hit Atlanta, then she'll be just fine.


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